Amen, allah akbar, torah torah, BANG!

The body count rises, blood soaks the streets, people dying everywhere. predator drones circling, white phosphorus dropping, he's watching from the air. The dollar collapse is imminent, a microchip is your fate, scanned at the McDonald's drive through window and at the football game. We must war forever to keep you safe, Peace through violence is the only way, So be good Adults now, relax and let the propaganda matrix suck your soul away. World War 3 has come on gone, nobody knew it was here, Millions of people died from your government in just a couple years, And from the bleachers the people scream and cheer,To busy to drop a tear. The body count rises, blood soaks the streets, another homeless man beaten to death. Another kid shot on the trolley, unarmed and handcuffed, cant blame the muslims for this one so i guess that cop is fucked. But 2 years in protective custody, and then he is free to go, Join blackwater, kill some muslims and continue the blood flow. Its sunday night, no time to care, the sweat is in the air, lets paint our faces and salute the flag, time to be a good tax payer. I grew up on bread and circus now and then a little bit of cake, Who cares if the frosting is made of blood that was someone elses fate. Amen, allah akbar, torah torah, BANG!

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