I live in such a free country..starring BEN SWANN

I live in such a free country that the military can be used to arrest and imprison me, indefinitely, without a trial. Now thats FREEDOM!! Obama goes on to say that while he doesn't agree with this clause of the N.D.A.A. he had to sign it in order to pay the military. But if the military is being used violate my rights then that's the exact agency I don't want to be funded. To take Obamas position is just more of the spineless, bipartisan treachery that we see going on in the government today. Not until we get principled people into these positions, people who truly understand that the true and moral purpose of government is to secure our rights, and when ever it does anything other then that it is a perversion. To take Obamas position is like Me saying "well I didn't want to get robbed but I invited the burglar into my house and tied myself up." Would you be surprised if I ended up getting robbed? No! So don't be surprised when you start to see your people disappearing to Guantanamo. You know that place, where we keep all those bad people, that are so bad we can't let them have a trial, shit they are so bad we can't even charge them with anything. Just take them from their countries and stick them in a cell. And yes your right...THEY HATE US CAUSE WE ARE FREE! FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather

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