just had the pleasure of watching THE BLACK SWAN..but first off let me give my props to the Hillcrest Landmark Theater. These folks are selling ABC cookies up in there..what a damn good alternative to the poison gummy what ever the fuck the Theaters these days are killing their customers with. These cookies are so damn good if you havent had one you are seriously slipping. I knew it was gonna be a packed house so I tried to get there early enough to not have to sit in the very front and all the way to the right. Having a cramp halfway through a movie is no way to watch a movie. Now getting there early does have its down side though. they are called PREVIEWS!!! Really though watching 3 minutes of five different movies can really make a dude just not want to watch a movie..and now you got commercials..these are even worse...this one though did make me laugh.. actually the whole theater laughed out loud when it was done...i dont think ill see another one of those bags the same way ever again...

Anyways after one cookie and a shit load of previews the Swan Song begins to play..from the opening scene to the end the movie is dope!!! the emotions are running high..psychosis is in the air..It was very much reminiscent of one of those never ending, psycho fantasitic mushroom trips. Hallucinations and out of control emotional outbursts are around every, sex, passion, fear, paranoia..and I thought the Ballet was for SQUARES...well if this movie is a glimpse into the world of the Ballerina there couldnt be anything further from the truth..OVer all message of the movie was Watch OUT cause being belelmic and overworked can really play tricks on you if your not careful..some of the scenes made the feathers on the back of my neck stand up..

This story really got me to hinking of all the swan moments of my life....the moments that ive felt eternity come underneath my wings...the moments death has laughed with me...the moments me and life are equal..and there is no fear...where the will becomes the way...where your desire takes over all of your being to a point where nothing can stop you...where your maddness pushes you past over the edge..where consequences are empty promises and accomplishment is the only thing that matters...these are the moments that define us..without them we are incomplete..without them the swan will never dance..

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