No for real..those dollars in my pocket represent debt. I had heard this many times before coming to understand exactly what this means...reading THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND has really helped out in bringing to fruition this hard core fact that is right in front of our faces yet rarely seen...

lemme do this real simple quick...

these dollars in my pocket where do they come from????

The Federal Reserve printed them...EASY

but why did they print them??? What prompted the FED to turn on the machine and print this dollar in my pocket????

Well it goes like this....The congress of this great nation of mine got together and said yo we need some dough!!!! They have no money in the bank..none in the mattress...basically the fuckers are broke....SO they say well lets hit up the FEDERAL RESERVE...

They go to the fed and go YO we need some cash....the FED says ok what you gonna give us...THE congress not having anything, looks at them with a stupid puppy dog look and says to the FED we aint got shit...BUT were good for it...cause we got this thing called the IRS and they collect money for us from the people so were good for it....the FED says ok ILL give you the cash but I want an IOU!!!!!!


Congress prints out these IOU's (treasury bonds) and gives them to the FED then the FED turns on the press and viola DOLLARS are printed out given to congress in which they spend on all types of welfare, war, hookers, drugs, you name it they spend it...eventually it ends up in my pocket...

BUT it only happened because congress gave the FED an IOU...Which is a representation of DEBT!!!! SO the MONEY IS DEBT!!!!

Because the only way that the FED prints the money is by Congress (certain banks can do this to) asks to BARROW IT!!! If they never needed to BARROW IT the FEDERAL RESERVE WOULD NEVER PRINT IT!!!!

Now IOUS mean that at some point you have to pay them back...heres the real fucked up part!!!!

If congress ever collected all the MONEY to pay back all the IOUs it gave to the fed it would have to collect all the dollars ever printed and give them back to the FED...because EVERY dollar was barrowed in the first place...This means in short that there would be no more dollars for the PEOPLE!!!! So if the national debt was ever paid that means that there would be no more money in circulation..

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! THis is crazy!!!! and now yo know why nobody is really ever serious about paying down the national debt...with out we would be broke????

It has not always been this way...but it is now...and if we dont do something to try and change it...we are all gonna be fucked...forever!!!!!

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