This perspective from PILOTS FOR 9/11 TRUTH is crucial to take a look at if one is going to make an informed decision about the hijackings of sept 11 2001. The official story makes it seem like it would be such an easy feat to hijack planes and crash them into buildings yet numerous pilots from the get go have said that this would be extremely difficult if not impossible. So far I haven't read any statements by folks who trained the alleged hijackers saying that the kamikaze pilots has sufficient knowledge on how to fly a plane let alone the expertise needed to pull off the stunts they did. It wasnt until 35 minutes after the towers were hit the flight 93 came down!!! No wonder everybody is afraid for their lives. If the armed forces cant locate a plane that has been hijacked and flown off course after 35 minutes how the fuck are they gonna protect us from anything. This could have easily been an enemy plane carrying missiles...GIVE ME A BREAK!!! With all of the radar systems in place and fighter planes located throughout the country this could never happen and would never happen unless people from inside the military were in on the deal!!! How radars could have missed the signals of the people on the plane calling in is beyond me..It sure does reinforce the feeling that if this did happen THE PEOPLE in charge of protecting us are worth dogshit!!!! Whether or not you believe George Bush was involved you have to admit that there would need to be some insiders in order for these attacks to happen.. and since the official story denies this a possibility and refuses to go any investigation you know there is something rotten going on and most likely leads up to the highest positions in government...

I mean think about this....The dudes were able to run up in the cockpit...take over the plane and the pilots never called in to say what was going on????? Within hours the media was able to draw out a map of the course that the planes flew but the government was not able to get planes into that area while it was headed to the pentagon...COME ON are you fucking kidding me...WHO BELIEVES THIS???? its like the folks who are writing this bullshit are going out of there way to make it seem as unreal as possible...ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE SITUATIONS WHERE THE THERMOMETER IS SHOVED UP THE ASS OF THE PUBLIC TO SEE HOW WELL THEY FALL IN LINE WITH ORDERS!!!

"Ive never seen so much real world stuff along with exercises" ---YEAH NO SHIT...this is real time MK ULTRA take over the world high powered fear weaponry coming at you!!!!!

-"OF Course the orders still stand (KILL THESE MUTHERFUCKERS and make ME RICH!!)" -dick cheney.. in an underground bunker 9/11/2001

we are lead to believe that flying a plane is a simple as catching a bus or driving a car. Like there are road signs in the sky telling you where to turn and how fast you should be going. WIthout extensive knowledge derived from a history of flying in the area being able to spot the pentagon and crash into the side of it is not possible according to a shit load of pilots from all walks of life...but they get no air play in the mainstream...WHY IS THIS!!!! people on site saying that this was a small COMMUTER PLANE...20 to 60 people...ARE THEY LYING??? Are their emotions pushing them to irrational hallucinations.

What were seeing here is PROTOCOL!! Standard Operations!!! JUST TAKING ORDERS!!! Nobody got in trouble for this...I mean nobody was court martialed!! Just like nobody got in trouble when they fell asleep and didnt see a squadron of japanese kamikazes flying over the ocean getting ready to attack pearl harbor!! Further reinforcement to the feeling that the people in charge of us, that we pay all that cash to. are incompetent losers!!!!

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