Whats the muthafunkin deal yall!!!! HAMBLOGGGER UP IN THIS PEACE!!! Just jumped into a new book called THE CASE AGAINST FLUORIDE that I picked up the other day while at a San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water meeting. Instead of doing a review when Im done with this book, which usually insures I lose some of the info, Ive decided to to some play by play while im reading it. YADDDAMEAN!!!

Aight so heres the deal. Certain health agencies have come to determine that Fluoride is the answer to the TOOTH DECAYING EPIDEMIC that we are having today??? Applied to the teeth topically they say that fluoride kills the bacteria that cause this horrific disease TOOTH DECAY!!!!! (side note#1 Originally these HEALTH agencies claimed that it was when FLUORIDE was ingested that its healing effects were felt, but later realized that was PHYSICALLY FUCKING people up so they changed it to TOPICALLY, but I digress). So in an ALTRUISTIC effort to cure the world of TOOTH DECAY!!!! the folks who work at these HEALTH AGENCIES decided that it be best to MASS MEDICATE the planet via SPIKING THE TAP WATER!!!

Now heres where the book asks some IMPORTANT QUESTIONS about this hyper-altruistic MASS DIAGNOSIS!!! First off shouldnt any self respecting doctor require that before any diagnosis comes from them that they would have to have a 1 on 1 consultation with the patient. SEEMS FAIR. How could they really be sure that it was TOOTH DECAY without this. What if it was something way more serious??? Without a physical examination how could the doctor insure that the patient was not somebody that had a physical condition that caused them to more easily be negatively affected by fluoride exposure?? It could be something super obvious too like YOU BEING IN A WHEEL CHAIR, ELDERLY, A BABY (all these are signs that you may be hurt if you ingest fluoride) and the doctor would never know.

SECOND QUESTION??? Without ever meeting the patient how could a doctor determine what would be the correct dosage for an INDIVIDUAL?? Is this not based off of the physical make up and medical history of the patient at hand?? Surely a doctor would not prescribe the same dosage to a 1 year old when you barely have any teeth as to a 25 year old who has all their teeth and whose body is much bigger and fully developed..WOULD THEY???

An adult can take 2 Tylenol while a child is given 10 percent of this. does FLUORIDE have some magical element to it!!! its STARTING TO SMELL LIKE QUACKERY IN HERE!!!!

3rd ????? Without being in contact with this GHOST PATIENT how could a doctor feel like they have done their duty in making sure that the person they're about to prescribe a POTENTIALLY DEADLY DRUG TO has been fully informed. That they understand on how to use the drug. THAT THEY KNOW HOW MUCH TO TAKE??? These things to me would seem to weigh heavy on the mind of somebody who was genuinely concerned about their patients WELL BEING. DO YOU YADDDDAAAMEEEAAAANNNN!!!!!

Now this question really fucked me up...HOW Efficient is using the water supply to distribute a drug when 95% of all of the water is used for other things then human know like your pets, washing your cars, watering your lawn, washing your clothes and all that other shit you use water for... Really all of that drug is wasted instead of just giving to people through pills. or wait a minute..hold up. TOOTHPASTE!!!! oh wait its already being done. hmmmmmmmm..just think how many teeth could be saved with the water you use every time you flush the toilet!!! damn thats greasy!!!

Anyways this is kinda the opposite direction in which the questions are asked in the book but thats how we do!!! And they seem preeeeeety fuckkkkkin obvious to me..not only the answers but the need for them to be asked in the first place...for they are of equal importance..

It would seem to me that every doctor, dentist, scientist and health professional in general would be pissed off due to the mockery that is being made of their esteemed occupations by this FLAGRANT QUACKERY?? Essentially all of the moral codes of conduct that they hold to be righteous are trampled on in the name of fight TOOOOOTH DDEEECAAAYYY!!! Imagine that???? all that school for nothing!!!

I dont think this is a case of passes being given out as much as it is one of the care givers being naive students of a CORRUPT school of thought that teaches that questioning its authority is a sign of ignorance. THEYVE ALL BEEN TOLD FLUORIDE IS NOT BAD FOR YOU...FLUORIDE IS GOOD FOR YOU..The Doctors dont ask the questions. The dentists dont ask the questions. They just get the study, learn the findings, sell the product. the sheep take it in one big BAAAHHHH!!! BUT COME ON NOW!!! HAVE SOME FUCKING PRIDE.. this is ASSEMBLY LINE MEDICINE IN ITS PUREST FORM!!! This is modern voodoo. Yet worse its a voodoo that is maiming all forms of life all over the planet. Poisoning their bodies and casting spells of disease!!!!

Well thats the beginnin of the gonna go do someshit..then read some more and get probably gonna come in contact with some fluoride!!! I wonder how this will affect me???

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