Aint this about some shit!!!!! A mural is painted that comments on the connection between dead soldiers and money and it gets painted over with the quickness. This dude Jeffery Dietch says he doesnt want to stir up any controversy!!!! WELL SHIT WE SURELY WOULDNT WANT TO MAKE ANYBODY THINK ABOUT THE COST OF WAR!!! As if the ban on public viewing of the soilders in coffins that has found its way through multiple administrations was not enough tyranny. This is a blatant attempt by the social enginneers to censor any information that may lead to the human flock questioning their place on this geopolitical chess board. JEFFERY DOESNT WANT ANY CONTROVERSY!!!! WELL WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE IN THOSE COFFINS!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD WANT!!!

This is a good example of why graffiti is so necessary. When left into the hands of the curators you always run the risk of some sort of infiltration of the MK ULTRA AGENDA... These assholes up at the MOCA could give a fuck about these human commodities. Just the fact they, the curators themselves have not become human fodder persuades them to believe that they are PART OF THE TEAM. REALLY THOUGH FOR REALLS THOUGH...ON THE STRENGTH!!! NOBODY WHO TAKES THEM SELF SERIOUSLY AS EITHER AN ARTIST OR AN APPRECIATOR OF ART CAN EVER TAKE ANOTHER STEP INSIDE THIS BUILDING UNTIL SOME SERIOUS APOLOGIES AND FIRINGS TAKE PLACE...MANDATORY!!!!

SHIT WHO KNOWS. THEY could have some CIA ran NEO-COINTELPRO agenda put into play. IN THIS SITUATION pulling the plug on BLU's anti-war/pro-critical thinking piece.

I feel bad for this artist and all the folks who believed in this PEACE!!!

There has been some anger displayed by the free thinking citizens of LOS ANGELES.

Downtown LA BLU MOCA Whitewash Protest // 01.03.2011 from jesse trott on Vimeo.

I guess burning the place down might have been a little counter productive but damn!!!THERE MUST BE SOME DUMB ASS FOLKS up in this museum. they think that they represent something MODERN and paint over an ANTI WAR MURAL. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!! This is a straight up OUTRAGE!!! Have these folks not seen the wikileaks video!!! yeah you know the one where they kill the KIDS..and the REPORTERS!!! AND THEY DONT WANT CONTROVERSY!!!!

WELL APPARENTLY NEITHER DOES GOOD OLE SHEPARD"STEAL THE PICTURES" FAIREY In that article he says that "The situation is unfortunate but I understand MOCA’s decision. Sometimes I think it is better to take the high road and forfeit a battle but keep pushing to win the war" DAMN THIS IS SOME TWISTED ASS PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN. A DANDY FINE LESSON IN DOUBLE SPEAK!!!! First of all..FUCK THAT FAIREY your bitchen out bro!!!! I dont know what make believe world your in but continually WALKING THE FENCE dont cut it round HEEEEEERRRRRREEE!!! Your MORAL GRAYNESS is very telling of your true character!!! If you had any allegiance to the peace movement or art movement you would have immediately condemned this act as one of aggression and dishonesty.... BUT I GUESS THAT WOULDNT get you any more NOBID contracts for your weak ass global warming campaign You try to give the museum a pass by saying they are taking some moral hi road. LOSE THE BATTLE--WIN THE WAR...BY ANY MANY MEANS NECCESARY RIGHT!!!!
Fairey apparently aggrees with me in some respects based on this quote "street art or graffiti purists are welcome to pursue their art on the streets as they always have without censorship". But where AS I REALLY BELIEVE THIS and thus condemn the spinelness perpetrators, SHEP gives them a pass and is just trying to to completely remove himeself from the situation by putting on the "DOWNTOWN ALL NIGHT BOMBER MASK" and invoking the spirit of graffiti!!! SORRRRRYYYYY...not gonna work SHEP...this is bigger then just art!! this is about humanity and buffing this mural is some bullshit and you know that...

But like how the poem goes...dont speak up for your neighbors when the thought police come for them then dont be surprised when nobodys there to speak up when they come for you ...AND THEY WILL...MANDATORLY!!!

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