Shepard Fairey leads the flock into the sand?

Yo people what it DOES!! Im writing this entry to begin the documentation of my attempts to reach out to SHEPARD FAIREY in order to understand what his position is on the recent UN approved US led attack on Libya. Here is a copy of the first email that I sent to him:

Hello Shepard,
Im writing to inquire as to your position on the recent UN approved US led military advance into Libya. Being that you gave Obama such a monumental amount of support during his presidential campaign, in hopes of him being a antiwar canidate, I would assume that you do have a position on this matter which will no doubt cost many innocent lives. Please let me know if I can get a direct comment or if your going to be putting out a press release as you have in the past concerning matters similar to these. As a a leading figure in the Street Art movement I think that your opinon on the matter holds alot of weight with people, especially young folks, who much like you wanted an alternative to the BLOOD THIRSTY war machine of the Bush adminstration. Please let me know as soon as possible so that we may get the word out. Thank you for your time. The HBOO CREW

I’ve emailed this to all of the contact emails that I can find for him (so if you know of any personal ones to get at him hook me up. I’ve attempted to reach him at his studio but was told he was busy and given an email address to reach his assistant. Hoping that I was getting a bit closer to coming into contact I emailed her this same request today. This was her response:

May I ask what this is for? As you can image his schedule is pretty overloaded especially with a show coming up in a couple of weeks. We thank you for your support.

Too BUSY???? Come on now Fairey. You can find time to promote your depiction of the wave crashing in to Japan but cant take a few minutes to either, one stand in allegiance with Obama or part ways and really start to demand that he live up to his campaign promises. In this matter I do believe that silence is compliancy to the war agenda.

Of course my obvious reasons for wanting a statement from Shepard is because of the amount of support he gave to Obama (ie HOPE PROPAGANDA). Shepard did this under the guise of supporting the ANTI-WAR candidate and after that last Obama speech where he accepts total responsibility for the recent strikes in Libya (as if the surge wasn’t enough) there is no way that one can still live in this FAIREY (no pun intended) tale world. Im sure that Shepard is aware of the hypocrisy’s being birthed by the Obama administration so you would think he would be all over this issue in the same manner in which he has criticized so many other war mongerings of the past! If he doesn’t have any beef with Obama on this matter it would seem to me that he is selectively choosing who should be held accountable when it comes to commiting these crimes against humanity.

Today however I found even more of a reason to try and squeeze Fairey for an answer. While surfing through the interweb in hopes that he may actually have already made a statement,and that I may have missed it, I found this picture posted on the OBEY blog. The guy in the picture (seen wearing an obey beanie) is a Libyan “Rebel” who claims that they are being over powered by Ghadafi but that he would stick around and fight till the death. It would seem that he would find himself on the side of this conflict that would welcome the intervention of the UN allies. Now im not sure about all the specifics as to what ideology Massoud is pushing but one must be slow when jumping to the conclusion that whoever is against Ghadafi is good because as weve seen there is concern that the rebel groups in libya may have Al Qaeda connections. THIS IS MAJOR!!!

SO is Shepard using pictures of Libyan Rebels to promote his clothing line or by posting pictures of them is he showing support for their cause? Is Shepard asking these questions of the guy who he helped thrust into the White House? If so then why is he not being more publicly vocal about this? If not then how is it that he is seen as some sort of ICON in the world SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISM (as he so flagrantly calls his work.

So yeah Ill keep posting as to where this bout of Journalistic research takes your boy!!! and if you see Shepard on the streets pass the word that the HAMBLOGGGER is is eagerly awaiting his response.


  1. I believe Shepard has already talked shit about many of Obama's decisions during his time in office. He likely has partial regret doing so much for the campaign and Obama not providing all the results he dreamed for.

    Who cares what he thinks about political affairs??

    Get over it.... Shepard isn't a politician- he is just a designer.

  2. "For a quicker response please send any e-mails to your own trash bin."