You know its funny the way the universe works. Ive never really been a believer in the "Rock Bottom" theory, but today I became a bit more so. See with all the fuckin drama in the world, the hatrix being so thick, and my mundane repetitive life my outlook had started to become extremely jaded. Truthfully up until earlier today I had pretty much just given up on HUMANITY!! and then???

And then I decided to click on a link labeled SMEAR INTERVIEW. Doing some research for an upcoming article about censorship in art I had recently seen the name popping up often. Seems Mr. Smear is a very well established artist in the streets of LA and had recently been having some legal problems stemming from a prior conviction. Even after serving his sentence the PIGS still got it out for him. Even though he had stopped bombing the cloud still followed him.

I could easily see how this situation could really bring a dude down. Shit im not going through anything half as bad and im manically depressed. Yet only a couple questions into the interview you can tell SMEAR has not let this effect his swaggar.

Picking up his name from a friends older brother Smear describes himself as "a regular god damned George Washington". When asked what fuels his work he replied "frustration, anger, fear, and suspicion." Shit man I got all of these, and to think Ive been letting them keep pent up inside me when I could be using them as motivation. If we could all just transmute these negative emotions into something like this

His unique perspective is indicative of a creative imagination. Pondering on what might motivate people to bomb he said maybe "a bad case of hemoroids". Such a humanistic simplicity!! Brilliant. I think that one of my faults is that I over analyze people or situations while Smear would probably just tell it how it is.

"Just because all of the people around you are morons destined for shit doesn’t mean that you have to follow them on their paths to nothingness." These words just keep playing themselves in my head. Like this might be what I write on the walls of my childs nursery!! Fuckin DEEP man!!

I am a bit concerned about his vice though. I just hope he is wrapping it up cause it only takes one drop. YADDAAMEAN!! Dont trip though SMEAR. Keep doing your thing. A leader walks with no fear. KEEP ON HOLDING IT DOWN MAYNE!!!!

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