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This is a follow up to this past blog on which I set about to try and get in touch with Shepard Fairey in order to get a comment on his position on the recent military actions in Lybia. Unfortunately I have not been succesful in getting in touch with the man, however the story has not completely fallen on its face.

I sent another email to his assistant Tina that went like this:

Still waiting for a comment. I didnt think that anybody could take longer then Obama to weigh in on the issue. Guess Ive been proven wrong.

Her response, which came in about 2 minutes from my request was:

Sorry don't have an answer yet, he he has been working in his art studio round the clock. Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,

Now while I do appreciate the quick response I'm totally not impressed with the amount of integrity which the OBEY camp is showing. I dont know maybe they think Im full of shit and not a internationally known bloggger but not even that gives them a pass on this ill behavior. I mean even if I was just a mere fan that resonated with Shepards Political philosophy, as Im sure many are, would this not warrant a more lengthy answer? It seems that this question is trickier then it may seem!!

In response to my last blog I received this anonymous comment:
"Who cares what he thinks about political affairs?? Get over it.... Shepard isn't a politician- he is just a designer. "

Is this really a position that can be taken? While I dont disagree that Shep is a designer, I would also say that most of his designs have some sort of political commentary. Look at the piece that he is doing right now at MOCA!

Imagine that!! He is putting up a picture of Malcom X and at the same time staying quite on the fact that a gang of AFRICAN people are feeling the wrath of imperialism being led by the United States. His work continually champions revolutionary figure heads, but Im not supposed to ask him his stance on revolution? I really hope that Shepard wants his fans to hold him to a higher standard then that. If they dont I will!

Bound and determined to succeed on this investigation of mine Ive realized that there are many other resources to be utilized. Getting hip to the game I just started up the official HAMBLOGGGERMAN twitter acount. My first twitter to Shep went like this:
@obeygiant yo shep i been hella trying to get at you bout this MOCA show. what good? Did tina pass you that email bout libya?

Haven't heard back and I wont hold my breath. My fear is that Shepard has had his entire political discourse laid out for him. Was there some sort of agreement that he had to sign to get into the Obama Camp? Is this why weve started to see OBEY start to move away from Political Commentary and more towards POP FASHION? Were there contractual stipulations that limited the criticism that he could voice? Is he on some sort of residual income? These are all valid questions at this point. Ones that I intend to continue to ask.


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