ANYBODY BUT OBAMA?? OH REALLY..then why do you continue to talk mad amounts of shit about everyone else?

Im so sick of hearing these Republican Candidates fronting. For reals though. I wish I would have been keeping count of how many time each one (except Ron Paul) of them has said "Any one of us would be better then Obama". Its got to be getting close to 1,000+. They say this and then in the next breath go on to trash each other. Newt has called Ron dangerous. He has called Mitt a liar. Bachmann said Perry wanted to give girls brain damage. Santorum thinks he is the only one that can make jobs and so on and so on. But still they all get on stage and say that anybody would be better then Obama. Of course I dont buy this for a minute and I dont think that any of them saying this do either, rather it is simply pandering to the Republican zombies who hear this and mistake it for somebody yelling out brains, at which point they go into a rabid zombie like state of ecstasy.

They know its not true and for a good reason. None of them (Except Ron Paul) would be any better then Obama, but to be fair none of them would be any worse either. They would all continue the bailouts. They would all continue the needless wars. They would all continue the cronyism. They would all continue the destruction of our civil liberties. They would all continue the lies. They would do everything the exact same as Obama has done and THIS is proven because they have made a career out of doing these exact same things.

The one thing they may change is "Obamacare", but that is it (and who knows if they really would). And they all know this which is why they place so much emphasis on that. Rick Perry says he would withrdraw every executive order since 2008, as if the shit just started going downhill in 2008. These guys act like Barack has single handedly destroyed the American Economy. Did they HONESTLY forget the BUSH signed us up for the first round of the latest bailouts. Barack simply has followed the lead. They act like Barack put the patriot act into effect? NO HE DIDN'T. Bush and Co, set the precedent while Barack and Co, have simply cashed in on the game that was set up for them. And wither or not they will admit it, all of the candidates (except Ron Paul) will do the exact same thing.

It seems to me that their insinuation that ANYBODY would be better then Obama is a true sign of weakness. If they are not willing to admit that the people next to them would continue on with the traditions that Barack and Co, then they arent being honest. And if they cant be honest about this then why should I think that they could be honest about anything else that they are saying?

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