aint that some shit!!!

I must be living in a fucking backwards ass place of world. How in the fuck are you going to get up and say the wars over, but were keeping 50000 troops. I dont give a shit what the reason is, if your keeping folks their the war isnt over. Give me a fucking break would you. This ASSHOLE of ASSHOLES is gonna start saying bedtime stories and were just supposed to go to sleep. AINT HAPPENING OVER HERE IN THE LOUNGE!!!! Really how stupid do the people who wrote this speech think we are. Obviously the answer is VERY STUPID!! Gullible, asleep at the wheel, idiotic, mind controlled sheep!!! For reals though. I thought a gang of people were just like nah the war is fucked up and stupid. OBAMA tries to make it sound like no matter where you stand everyone was for the war. YEAH sure as if were all part of the psychopathic forgotten zombie class that will eat human flesh to keep their flat screen . THAT AINT ME THOUGH. THE HAMBURGER IS JUST WAY TO GREASY these lies and rivers of vomited propaganda slide right off my buns baby!!!!

so for all the people that were killed and will continue to be killed in this the writers of this speech...heres a big


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