If you didnt know Dan Dicks is holding it down up at PRESSFORTRUTH.CA. He had mad footage of this years G20 being posted real time and other critical breakdowns before and after the party. Hes been in the truth game for a minute now though (if hes been in as long as hes been growing that beard its gotta be a long minute) and the man has knowledge. Ive seen him all over the place clownin masons, calling out the police, trying to bum rush some of Gores Climate Change Orgy Porgies. I dont think that the pigbots are really feelin his show though, seems like hes always getting the boot while trying to get the shot. You know how they get when you start fucking with they cash man!!! I have no doubt that Mr. Dicks is going to continue to blow the critics minds back as he disassembles the conspiracies of today with logic and reason.

This is some dope follow up to the arrests that were going down up at the 20. Just look at this mans face when he gets asked a simple question. He looks like he dropped a log in his pants. And those pigbots in the minivan..DAMN!!! Dont yall have any pride at all??? Spying on folks, trying to instill fear!!! You can see the fear in theirs chests though. Uneasy breathing. Empty eyes. Terminators!!!

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