Seriously though. I hate to make fun of people for the way they talk but damn this fool sounds like a straight up little bitch. How many times do you have to get beat up on the playground before you start devising plans to poison the world? How in the world can these EUGENICISTS be taken seriously?

I wouldnt think that anybody did but being that there is already FLOURIDE added to the drinking water for supposed medical benefits I must assume that people are. When did humans become so down trodden that we are become open to the idea of unknown doctors start mass diagnosing us and upon diagnosis diseminating the medicine through the water? This if straight the fuck up some MAD SCIENTIST shit going down. I mean come on now for reals. If people are sad they should talk to their friends and family. If they dont have any or the problem is severe go see a doctor. At some point we have to let people be accountable for their own well being or else we will become limp wristed pansies much like this fruit loop.

check this other clip from this loser

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