A World without Cancer!!!

SHEEEEEEEET Mayne. This movie is dope, creepy, informative, old school, has a dope soundtrack and could possibly save your life....G. Edward Grifffizzin comes through in this classic tale of how the FDA wants your ass dependent on them, infiltrates all types of medical institutions to insure this is the case and when all else fails will throw your ass in jail for not falling in line with their rules and regulations. Yet not only do they want us dependent on them they want us to be sick and dying so just in case they do need to ENFORCE some laws it wont be hard to do. Very sick and disturbing.

In this case its the outlawing of a certain vitamin B-17 that fell into the scopes of the boys up at the FDAgency. Soon after it was discovered that diets lacking in b-17 left one suseptable to cancer they declared it not a vitamin at all actually and against the law to claim its healing properties for medicinal purposes. DAMNIT!! But G.Edward really wasnt having it and this movie and book were one of hes ways to protest the laws and educate folks.

Educate me he has done. In fact im eating some apricot seeds right now. Apricots naturally having the highest amount of b-17 in all plants. Laetrile which is the chemically modified version of b-17 is steady used all across the world and it sounds like it has seriously helped alot of people successfully fight their bouts with cancer. Laetrile is banned in the USA. Go figure.

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