Barrack Obama took a moment from his Holiday Vacation and commented today on the growing talk of the hypocrisy that is being displayed in the US invasion of Libya in the name of HU-MAYNE-ITY saying "I'm accustomed to this contradiction of being both a commander-in-chief but also somebody who aspires to peace," Obama said while polishing his reflection in his Nobel Peace Price. "We're not invading a country, we are not acting alone," he said. "We are acting under a mandate issued by the UN Security Council." Apparently thinking that the whole idea of getting congress to back the use of the Military was PASSE Obama seemed unshaken from the sun burn that he had gotten while laying out on the beach for yesterday. When sked if murdering Ghadafi was an answer to the problem Obama looked annoyed and said ""I think - our hope is - that the first thing that can happen once we've cleared the space is that the are able to start discussing how they organise themselves, how they articulate their aspirations for the Libyan people and create a legitimate government," Clearing space obviously referring to the innocent people that reside in the cities of Libya that are set to be bombed. When asked if the 144 tonnes of gold that was at Ghadafi's disposal was of concern the president said "Keep in mind we don't just have military tools at our disposal in terms of accomplishing Gaddafi's leaving," he said. "We've put in place strong international sanctions. We've frozen his assets. We will continue to apply a whole range of pressure on him." I guess this means that they think they will be able to squeeze him for that too. Should be easy to do since the multinational bankers setting up this entire ponzi scheme will be the ones to sell him all of the ammunition he will use. When asked if there was going to be any time line put onto our involvement in Libya he said ""Potentially what we may see is all the enthusiasm that the Libyan people had for a change in government that was occurring a few weeks ago, that had been repressed by Gadaffi's brutal amplification of force".

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