Just when you think that the bullshit cant get any more syrupy you see aunt jemimiah on the wheels of steel cooking pancakes.

ODYSSEY-1. a Greek epic poem, attributed to Homer (c. 800 bc), describing the ten-year homeward wanderings of Odysseus after the fall of Troy
2. Any long eventful journey.

DAWN-1. The time each morning at which daylight first begins.
When asked why this name (ODYSSEY DAWN) was chosen for this particular mission of killing people Eric Elliot, a spoksman for U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) said "that while it may sound like the name of a pornographic movie the monicker has no specific meaning and has nothing to do with Libya, Libyans or the country’s leader, Moammar Gaddafi." Good thing he got that out of the way.

According to this asshole the names for the operations in war to kill innocent people in the name of hu-mayne-ity is based on the dewey decimal system. OK maybe not exactly but its pretty close. According the this article "The Pentagon permits military commanders to assign two-word nicknames to military exercises or operations by following instructions laid out in a carefully-crafted Defense Department naming policy. The instructions assign each military command with a certain range of words that must be used to select the nickname’s first word. AFRICOM is assigned words that start with JS-JZ, NS-NZ and OA-OS, according to Elliott. A recent headquarters exercise was called “Judicious Response” while another recent operation used the NS-NZ range, leaving OA-OS as the only option, he said."

I know what all you peace loving tree huggers out there are thinking. If only the alphabet was smaller they would run out of names and thus have to stop the wars. No such luck. Eric "The child murdering" Elliot went onto to say "“The goal is to create a name that has absolutely nothing to do with the activity of the region, so you could walk down the street in Washington during the planning stages and ensure that nobody knows it’s about Libya,” So really all the pentagon would have to do was start to use numbers in place of the letters. As long as you didnt use the coordinate you would be good. Then again you might want to to just throw the unsuspecting country off a little bit more. YOU know you gotta be sneaky whey your drawing up plans for illegal wars for peace.

Anyhow now that you know the limitations that were placed on these war pigs vocabulary in order to choose the first part of the title given to the massacre of innocent people in Libya over the last couple days, I know your just DYING to know how they come up with such an awesome ending like DAWN. To this he replied "they sat around and brainstormed for a random word that went well with it”. WOW. Just picking random words. And you thought this shit was easy.

Now you can see the thought and fortitude that is put into figuring out ways to resolve complex geo political situations that keep our generals and presidents up all night. And you thought it was Viagra. These murdering devils have to use complex formulas to insure that the cat is not taken out the bag so to speak. Its a good thing we give these guys unlimited amounts of our resources including our children to be fed into their cannons. God bless the AFRICON!!

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