Obama has to be one of the sickest individuals Ive ever heard of in my life. This muthafucker gives the go ahead to blow up Libya and in his next move he jumps on a flight to South America(staying away from the radiation i presume). To think that he is out playing with his kids and flying around on jumbo jets waving to the cameras while he orders the bombing of hosptials. What a sick degenerate piece of shit. For all you suckers out there still riding OBAMAS dick acting like he is in some way different then that last puppet in chief we had in KEEP ON SUCKING!!!

Heres a little bit from yahoo news.
With his whole family in tow on the second day of a Latin American tour meant to knit economic and cultural ties, the president visited the City of God shantytown that gained fame after a movie by the same name was nominated for four Oscars. At a community center in the heart of the jostling slum, the president plunged into the lives of children there, playing soccer with kids and watching enthralled at a dazzling martial arts display.

The president shed his coat and tie, rolled up his sleeves and dribbled one-on-one soccer with one surprised boy. Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia got involved, too, kicking a ball around with the kids.

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