KATSU MAGICA or It aint over till its over- Starring Jeffery Douche as Dorkzilla

As the day gets closer this ball of nerves in my stomach is getting bigger and tighter. For the first time in my adult life I will have the chance to meet neckface!! The universe I assume is also feeling as anxious as me because just today she sent one of her agents extraordinaire to get shit crackin off real tight. Here's the video.

Could there have been a more appropriate time or place for KATSU to do the damn thing? I think not. This could have actually worked out very well for Jeffery Douche had he not suffered from a serious case of spinelessness. We saw how limply he capitulated to the demands of ghost critics when he painted over BLU'S antiwar-prohumanity/conciousness mural because "people MIGHT be offended". Katsu's piece on the other hand offered no potential threat to the emotional well being of the community. Odds are most people would have thought that it was part of the show and reacted to it in somewhat the same manner as they would all the other ILLEGAL fire extinguisher tags that blanket the Los "Home of the Fire Extinguisher Tag" Angeles metropolitan area, THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

I have to applaud KATSU for his daring antics. Impeccable in timing, he has forced this institution to expose themselves as enemies to GRAFILITHY. Enemies who have attempted to infiltrate and lead the free spirited community of artists who are not interested in sponsorships or cash advances but rather find gratification in utilizing and protecting the free and uncensored medium of street art AKA. fire extinguisher tags! Now exposed it will be much harder for them to achieve their goals. As light expels the darkness so truth evicts the wicked.

Who will be the first to excuse this? Will they tell us to get over it because its just street art and we should be used to that type of HATRED! Maybe Shepard Fairey will have a similar reasoning as he did on the Blu situation. I think it went something like "The situation is unfortunate but I understand MOCA’s decision. Sometimes I think it is better to take the high road and forfeit a battle but keep pushing to win the war". I'm sure most of the self respecting artists in the show are probably not very thrilled on the matter. It must now really feel like that movie "sleeping with the enemy". Wither or not anybody will come out and speak against this bullshit is another question. I'm sure the Broad Foundation will be keeping their eye on this investment.

picture from chinkyeyed la
All in all graffiti proves to be the most cutting edge, controversial way of communicating the fact that everybody needs to take a moment and realize the true nature of your existence. in other words. GET ZEN MUTHAFUNKA!!!!

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